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PEP #137 by George Frese and Bob White (Archie, 1960)


Comic Mint is pleased to offer original artwork from the classic American comic book series Archie Comics, which stars a teenage boy named Archie Andrews. It debuted in Pep Comics #22, 1941 by Bob Montana. By the mid-1950s the cast included Archie’s Love Triangle of Betty and Veronica, and friends Jughead and Reggie. 

PEP #137 by George Frese and Bob White (Archie, 1960)


PEP #137 by George Frese and Bob White (Archie, 1960)


Sensational title splash pencilled by Frese and White, featuring the entire Archie gang !!!!

Pencilled and Inked on bristol board
Volume 1, Issue 137
Produced By: Archie Comics
Size: 13" x 19.5" inches (unframed)
Release Date: February, 1960
Worldwide Shipping (FedEx): $30 USD

Item Code: CB-00725

George Frese (layouts) and Bob White Pep #137 Title Splash Page 11 Original Art (Archie, 1960).
A simply gorgeous page from the classic story “Winter Carnival” featuring the entire gang from left to right: Reggie Mantle, Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper and Mr. Weatherbee. This large-size gem is one of the best examples from one of the longest-running Archie series titles. The Archie logotype is a replacement stat, and other than an adhesive where the logo was, the artwork is in excellent condition. Ink over graphite on Bristol board. Image area measures 12" x 17.5” inches.

Please note the comic book image is provided as reference, and is not sold with the artwork. 

Story Synopsis:
Mr. Weatherbee is incensed that Coach Kleats has no entries in the Inter-High School Carnival sports competition. But through sheer accident Jughead, Archie and Reggie end up winning two of the events.

Robert “Bob” White (1928-2005), was one of the Archie line’s signature artists during its peak period (pretty squarely 1959 to 1965) and crafting uncluttered, expertly-designed covers and stories.

George Frese was a writer and artist for Archie Publications during the 1950s. He drew stories with the Archie family, and for titles like 'Archie's Rival Reggie' and 'Betty and Veronica'. He was the artist of the 'Ginger' comic that debuted in the pages of Suzie comics in 1945, and eventually got its own title, called Ginger - America's Typical Teen-age Girl, in 1951.


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