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THE SIMPSONS "Bart Carny" (1998)

Simpsons Cels

Comic Mint is one of the world’s biggest and best galleries for Simpsons Animation Artwork.
We have been an authorised distributor for the Twentieth Century Fox Studio since 1993, and possess a jaw-dropping collection of original Simpsons cels, drawings and limited edition artwork from many iconic episodes.

THE SIMPSONS "Bart Carny" (1998)


THE SIMPSONS "Bart Carny" (1998)


Episode: "Bart Carny" (1998)
Original Hand Painted Production Cel
Size: 12.5" x 10.5" inches (unframed)
Produced By: Twentieth Century Fox
Original Airdate: January 11th, 1998 (Season 9)
Worldwide Shipping (FedEx): $30 USD

Item Code:  SM-F3149

Comic Mint is your best source for 100% genuine Simpsons Animation Artwork licensed by Twentieth Century Fox.
We are pleased to offer SIMPSONS fans this RARE hand painted original production cel setup, from the classic ninth season episode # "Bart Carny" (1998).

Having lost their house to the two carnies, Homer devises a plan to outsmart them in order to get his house back. 
Outside the front of the house, Homer carries a hula hoop.
Cooder: (off-screen, inside house) "Cooder Residence!”  
Homer: "I've got a proposition for you, Cooder"
Cooder: "Yeah, I'm listening”  
Homer: (through the peep-hole Cooder is looking through) "One game of Ring Toss. If I can throw this hula hoop onto the chimney, you'll give us our house back. If I miss, I'll sign the deed over to you”  
Marge: "Homer, no!” Bart: "Aw, you'll never make it, dad!” Homer tries to win back his home. 
Cooder agrees and steps onto the lawn to watch, leaving the front door ajar. Homer aims and mentally practices the throw, and the whole family dash into the house through the open front door, slamming it behind them and giving the Cooders a taste of their own medicine!   
Spud: "Hey, they just ran into the house. That Homer fella gritted you good, dad!"

This is a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted production cel setup (there are no others), and the artwork was filmed and used in the making of this SIMPSONS episode. Freeze-frame your DVD or Video, and you will see this unique piece of artwork! The characters are hand-painted onto separate cels, and placed against the matching scene print background.

This 12 field, 3-peghole, 7 cel setup measures 10.5 inches by 12.5 inches wide, and bears the Twentieth Century Fox gold seal (lower corner). The artwork is also accompanied with the original Twentieth Century Fox certificate of authenticity and is in excellent condition.

"Bart Carny" is the twelfth episode of The Simpsons' ninth season. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on January 11th, 1998. 
Homer and Bart start working at a carnival and befriend a father and son duo named Cooder and Spud. It was written by John Swartzwelder, directed by Mark Kirkland and guest stars Jim Varney as Cooder the carny.


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