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Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man # 4 (Marvel, 2006) Mike Wieringo & Karl Kesel

Comic art

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man # 4 (Marvel, 2006) Mike Wieringo & Karl Kesel


Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man # 4 (Marvel, 2006) Mike Wieringo & Karl Kesel


Great page featuring Spider-Man with Mary Jane going out, swinging throughout the city !!!

Pencilled and Inked on bristol board
Volume 1, Issue 4
Produced By: Marvel Comics
Size: 11" x 17" inches (unframed)
Release Date: March, 2006
Worldwide Shipping (FedEx): $30 USD

Item Code: CB-00785

Mike Wieringo and Karl Kessel - Original Page 19 artwork to "Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man" # 4 (Marvel, 2006).

From the Peter David storyline entitled, "Pirate Booty", Spider-Man and Mary Jane go out and swing throughout the city.

Tragically, Mike Wieringo died in 2007 at just 44 years of age, and Wieringo pages are becoming extremely scarce. This original blue-lined page comes from the collection of inker, Karl Kessel, and this page is the original published artwork for this book.

This artwork has an image area of approximately 10" x 15” inches, and is in excellent condition, and is signed by Karl Kesel in the lower margin.

Please note that the comic book image is for reference only, and is not sold with the artwork.

Story Synopsis for “Pirate Booty” 
Spider-Man is alive again. As Peter, he gets a check up from Stark. As it turns out, Peter's wounds from his old enemies have been healed, including his missing left eye, and even the tonsils he lost in fourth grade have reappeared. As Stark puts it, Peter's "odometer had been reset" (this would be the first time he had an exoskeleton processed). Before the test could continue, Aunt May stopped it and told Peter to "go play." So Peter and Mary Jane go out and swing throughout the city, talking about how they feel about the recent events that have occurred. Meanwhile, in Stark Tower, pirate spiders have started to eat Peter's old dead body. When Spider-Man returns, he finds the top of Stark Tower covered in webbing. Inside the tower, Spider-Man finds the pirate spiders with Peter's old body. Using Peter's skin as a base, they have formed a body of their own. Engaging in battle, Spider-Man finds that the stingers he used to fight Morlun appear once again, but he is confused because "Spiders don't have stingers!" Before anything else can happen, the pirate Spider punches through the walls of Stark Tower and runs off. Spider-Man chases it down, but then it heads into the sewer. It forms a cocoon in a church. Spider-Man tells the New Avengers he has no idea about it and they want to run some more tests on him.


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