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"The Dick Tracy Show" (1965)

Classic Cartoons

Comic Mint is pleased to offer animation fans our gallery of 'Blast from the Past' cartoons.
Featuring some of the craziest and most memorable characters to ever appear on our TV screens.

"The Dick Tracy Show" (1965)


"The Dick Tracy Show" (1965)


Episode: "Dick Tracy and the Mob"
Rare Original Production Storyboard Set
Size: 12.5" x 9" inches (unframed)
Produced By: UPA
Original Airdate: 1965
Worldwide Shipping (FedEx): $30 USD

Item Code: CC-00195

Comic Mint, your best source for rare, kooky, and classic animation art, is pleased to offer DICK TRACY fans this set of three original hand-pencilled production storyboards created for the classic UPA animated episode # "Dick Tracy and the Mob" (1965).
This is a unique piece of animation history, featuring ALL of Dick Tracy's greatest rogues gallery of villains. Present are Flattop, Mumbles, The Mole, Oodles, Itchy, The Brow and Pruneface.

The drawings have the UPA and copyright stamp printed at the top of the paper. Storyboards are the first step in the animation process. The production team use them to determine exactly how they want that episode to look, and a massive creative effort is put into these storyboards. These pages are crammed with hilarious insights into the making of the show, along with full script annotation. Each Storyboard measures 12.5" x 9" inches. 

These unique storyboards are an integral part of the production process and were used in the making of this episode. Each storyboard details, shot by shot, how the production team take their ideas for each episode and turn them into the finished product we see on our television screens.

The Dick Tracy Show is an American animated television series based on Chester Gould's comic strip crime fighter, which was produced from 1961 to 1965 by UPA. Most of Dick Tracy's rogues gallery of villains were given voices that parody famous actors. Flattop sounded like Peter Lorre, Pruneface like Boris Karloff, B.B.Eyes like Edward G. Robinson, and The Brow like James Cagney.


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