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"Bewitched" (1964)

Classic Cartoons

Comic Mint is pleased to offer animation fans our gallery of 'Blast from the Past' cartoons.
Featuring some of the craziest and most memorable characters to ever appear on our TV screens.

"Bewitched" (1964)


"Bewitched" (1964)


Main Titles Sequence Recreation
Hand Painted Animation Cel
Size: 16.5" x 13.5" inches (unframed)
Produced By: Hanna-Barbera
Release Date: 1964 (Recreation done in 1996)
Worldwide Shipping (FedEx): $30 USD

Item Code: CC-00203

Comic Mint, your best source for rare, kooky, and classic animation art, is pleased to offer BEWITCHED fans this sensational and rare animation cel of Samantha and Darrin Stephens recreating the famous opening titles sequence from 'BEWITCHED'. 

The animated opening for Bewitched is one of the best-loved trademarks of this magical show, and is the work of HANNA-BARBERA Productions. The beautiful blonde witch spells out the shows title and swoops over the city on a star-filled night only to pop into the kitchen. She turns her hat into a frying pan in the twitch of a nose, and turns into a cat with a kiss from Darrin.
Then, she jumps into the arms of her befuddled husband. The animated characters never utter a word, as the Bewitched theme song by Howard Greenfield and Jack Keller draws the audience into the opening credits.

This cel of Darrin and Samantha has been meticulously hand-inked and hand-painted onto celluloid, and placed against a high quality background.
The animation cel is in great condition, and the character images measure 9" inches high by 6" inches wide.

The artwork was created in 1996 at HANNA-BARBERA as part of a marketing/publicity/Consumer Products project. Typically, Publicity Cels are created during production of a series, or in the case of BEWITCHED, in syndication. Slides and transparencies are created from this art and sent to magazines and newspapers in order to gather interest in a series. Photos are also sent to fans who write into the studio requesting a photo.



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